Elaine Cemetery

Grave Styles

Elaine Public Cemetery caters for in-ground burial options, also referred to as ‘earth burials’.  At the Elaine Public Cemetery, monumental memorials are predominantly evident within the cemetery.  To cater for future expansion, Elaine Public Cemetery have set aside areas dedicated for lawn burials with headstones or plaques and a vault area for monumental memorials.

Grave styles

Elaine Public Cemetery does not have the appropriate facilities to perform cremations, however cremated remains can be laid to rest in the lawn area or in the rose garden.

For alternative burial styles such as concrete lined, mausoleums, etc please contact the Trust.

Grave styles

Grave Tenure
The purchase of a grave provides the owner with a Right of Interment.  In accordance with the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act (2003), a Right of interment will be held in perpetuity (for eternity).  For this reason any change of name or address details must be notified to the Trust in order to ensure the Right of Interment records are kept up to date.

The holder of the Right of Interment is responsible for the burial and any memorialisation.