Elaine Cemetery


Elaine Public Cemetery (1982)

The Elaine Public Cemetery was officially opened in 1982. 

The cemetery was approved by his Excellency the Governor of Victoria at the Executive Council Chamber on 4 May 1982.  The cemetery was initiated by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese when a need for a burial facility at the St Sava Monastery arose. Application was made to the Department of Human Services (now the Department of Health), was approved and the formation and establishment of the Elaine Public Cemetery eventuated.

The Elaine Public Cemetery is administered by the Trust Members of the Elaine Cemetery Trust under the authority of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 and Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation 2005.

Morrison's Public Cemetery (circa 1800's)

There is an additional cemetery in Elaine which we understand was the original Elaine Cemetery.

After some research we have identified that on 2 April 1885, the town of Mount Doran changed it's name to Elaine.  Mount Doran was also referred to as Borhoneyghurk.  When investigating Borhoneyghurk many references to Morrisons can be found, which is not far from Elaine.

It seems that the original cemetery in Elaine refers to a location called ‘Stony Rises’ where a reserved area of land was put aside for a Free Presbyterian Church by Order of 6th January 1864.  It seems that on 15 March in 1872 some of this land was then reserved as a site for a cemetery.

Further research records that in the Parish of Borhoneyghurk (Morrison's), five acres were set aside for a cemetery.  This could be when the original cemetery in Elaine was first established.  There is still an active cemetery called Morrisons Public Cemetery just on the outskirts of Elaine which has monuments and headstones dating back to the 1800's.

We would welcome any additional information regarding the history relating to any of the cemeteries in Elaine, Victoria